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"Sports Injury Fix give professionals the tools needed to deliver customer service of the highest calibre and greatest efficiency in our digital age."

Martin Harvey, Chairman IOCP

"Sports Injury Fix is really innovative and they are solving the problems you encounter. Start using it, it’s going from strength to strength"

Jack March, Physio Matters Podcast

Support to reach your goals from a business and clinical perspective. Learning from across the professions with blogs, CPD, relevant offers and a dedicated private forum.

An established platform to market yourselves and receive help improving your marketing and brand awareness. E.g. getting published by national brands.

To stop losing £600 without realising it. 86% patients want to be able to see availability and book online. Losing just one patient through them not being able to get hold of you or book is £600 lost (average value). Our online booking system (or we can sync with all other systems) removes this barrier and patients can find and book you inside 60 seconds.

1 hour back a day through increased efficiency e.g. no more voicemail tennis, payment awkwardness or time-consuming indecisive availability chats.

Cancellation Calculator

9% extra revenue per year: If the typical therapist got paid for no shows and last minute cancellations they would have 9% extra revenue per year. Patients want to be able to pay in advance and with a 24 hr cancellation policy we enable you to get paid for no shows.

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per month

You lose £${ missedRevenue } in revenue per year. That's ${ missedRevenuePercentage }% of the average salary.




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Per business (1-5 Staff)

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Or for larger teams


6-10 Staff


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Technical Features

  • Unique Profile.
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  • Online Booking - New and existing patients.
  • Calendar.
  • Syncs with multiple Apple, Google, iCal and Outlook calendars.
  • Syncs with all other online booking systems.
  • Payments for no shows/last minute cancellations.
  • Pre-paid appointments and optional payment processing (4.99% transaction fee).
  • Automated email and SMS reminders at no extra cost.
  • Online patient notes.
Sports Injury Fix fulfils a much-needed function

Dr Rod Jaques
Head of Medical Services English Institute of Sport

Using the Sports Injury Fix booking system #gamechanger

Mike Grice
Movement Therapy Clinics

I got 8 extra patients just from doing the National Running Show


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