Boardman Sport and Injury Therapy

Boardman Sport and Injury Therapy

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Boardman Sport and Injury Therapy
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Miss Lisa Boardman

Sports Therapy is a type of physical therapy that specifically focuses on preventing injury and on rehabilitation of the patient back to the best possible levels of function. Sports Therapy treatments are not just beneficial to the sports person, but to anyone with aches, pains, injuries or even if you just want to relax. Sports Therapy focuses highly on the individual’s lifestyle, including profession, fitness levels, hobbies, posture and general lifestyle. This is done by a comprehensive, initial assessment followed by various massage and mobilisation techniques and a full rehabilitation programme tailored for your individual requirements. Sports Therapy is similar to Physiotherapy as both professions help to restore movement, well being and function along with reducing pain. So who is Sports Therapy suitable for? • People suffering from muscle tension • People suffering from joint stiffness • Sporting Injuries • Aches and pains • Chronic (longstanding) aches and pains • Acute (new) aches and pains • Overuse injuries • Back pain • Whiplash • Cramp suffers • Shin Splints • Achilles Tendonitis • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Sciatica • Frozen shoulder • Patellar Tracking dysfunction • Chronic/ acute headaches/ Migraine • Thoracic outlet syndrome • IT band Impingement • Shoulder impingement • Golfers/ Tennis elbow • Bad posture / postural disorders • Tendonitis • Sport related injuries • SI (sacroiliac) joint dysfunction So why choose Boardman Sport and Injury Therapy? • Lisa has studied many different therapies which can help with your injury, pain, conditions and holistic needs. • Lisa holds a 2:1 in Sports Therapy BSc (hons) • Lisa has worked with different ages, genders, sporting and non-sporting clients. • Lisa has worked with in many different sports environments. • Lisa Is constantly updating training, so up to date with current treatments and techniques. • Based in Rushden (EPT gym). Gym equipment can be used t

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