CJ Performance Healthcare

CJ Performance Healthcare

Gait Analysis, Sports Massage, Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Therapy, Strapping & Taping

🥇I help athletes & active people recover from pain and injury, so they can get back to their active lifestyle and exceed pre-injury performance🏆

All of the hard-work you have put into your training to be fit or compete in your favourite sport shouldn't be undone due to a preventable injury. Unfortunately, they do occur. But what other things do we deal with when injured?

Loss of earnings?
Loss of sponsorship money?
Financial struggle?
Loss of identity leading to depression?
Anxiety about the injury, when it will go, and when can you get back to your normal daily life?
Not being able to compete in the premier competition for your sport?
Losing your spot in the team or missing out on social events, making you feel left out?

I've been there myself as an athlete. Now I help to combat this as a therapist.

I have experience working with a wide range of athletes from premier league football players to UFC stars. Rarely is the actual injury their issue. Rather, the effects the injury will have on their life.

I've seen and helped with it time and time again. But an injury is merely a setback. An inconvenience. This is reiterating to you. With the proper guidance and understanding, you can recover and perform at your best again.

CJ Performance Healthcare
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Mr Callum Williams

I help active people & athletes recover from pain and injury so they can continue their activities and exceed pre-injury performance. I enjoy utilising my skills in sports medicine and science to help athletes and people who active achieve their goals, whether they are injured or not. Performance testing, medical screenings, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and strength & conditioning allow you to identify your problem areas and together, come up with a pathway to ensure the goals you set are achieved. Don't allow an injury to ruin all of the hard work you have put into your health and fitness be deterred by an injury that may have been avoidable.

Sports Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following sports.

Injury Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following injuries.

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