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State 11

Sports Massage, Strapping & Taping

We're Vic and Greg, and we set up our clinic after Vic got injured. Although she's better now, it was skilled treatment by a soft tissue therapist that fixed her - and our clinic is here to help people in the same situation. We know understand just how painful and disruptive long term joint or muscle injury can be; after all, when you physically can't look up, it's difficult to feel anything but down.

We both hold BTEC Level 5 diplomas in Soft Tissue Therapy, which covers techniques far more advanced than "remedial massage" or "deep tissue massage". We're also both RockTape RockDocs, using kinseology taping, cupping and instrument assisted soft tissue massage to help our clients recover from their injury more quickly.

Our aim is to fix you and get you back out there, doing what you love and living your life. We're not interested in trying to sign you up for everlasting treatment subscriptions or have you coming back for endless appointments with no relief in sight. Quite simply, if we don't think we can help, we tell you, and if we think we've reached the limit of what we can do, we'll tell you.

In an industry often dominated by terrifying healthy people who seem to live at the gym, we're a bit different! We're not scarily healthy fitness models - we're just normal people trying to keep fit and healthy around all the pressures of work and home. We know that athletes come in all ages, shapes and sizes and we understand it can be intimidating to seek help if you're a bit out of shape, or "used to" do sports but don't now. So we work hard to make sure you feel dignified, respected and comfortable throughout your treatment with us.

We believe that everyone deserves to be able to move without that what we'll help you do.

State 11
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Mr Gregory Pritchard

Before co-founding the State 11 studio, Greg spent a decade on the front line of the emergency services, and is well aware of the heavy toil that long hours and heavy equipment can cause to the human body. Holding a BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy from the Cambridge School of Sports Massage, Greg works with both traditional and instrument assisted techniques and was recently described as being "like a witch doctor!" due to the speed with which he was able to fix a client's injury. He is also a FMT Level 2 trained RockDoc and has worked with international athletes on a regular basis. He is a member of London's Institute of Sports And Remedial Massage as well as the Federation of Holistic Therapists. When he's not fixing people, he can be found reading or catching up on the latest movies.

Ms Victoria Paterson

I found running in my thirties, and over the last decade have stomped, staggered and staggered my way around most of the World Marathon Majors' races including Boston and London. I've made all the standard running mistakes - wrong shoes, poor technique, too much training, too little training...I've been there! Before becoming a soft tissue therapist, I worked as a computer programmer for many years, repeatedly injuring my wrists, arms and shoulders. I then joined the emergency services, working very unhealthy shift patterns (and picking up even more injuries). So as you can imagine, I understand the difficulties of training when you're not naturally gifted, and the urge to keep running when you know really you should stop and let your injury heal! Getting my own injuries fixed led me to becoming a trained soft tissue therapist myself and I'm now a Level 5 soft tissue therapist, having trained with the Cambridge School of Sports Massage. I'm also a RockDoc, and regularly use IASTM, cupping and flossing to accelerate my client's recovery from injury, as well as the more common techniques such as remedial massage, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques. Although my sport is running, I regularly treat athletes from other disciplines ranging from cycling to shot putting, as well as people who have injured themselves at work or home.

Sports Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following sports.

Injury Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following injuries.

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