Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (Oxford) Ltd

Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (Oxford) Ltd

Physiotherapy, Strapping & Taping, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Podiatry

The MS Therapy Centre is a registered charity. For many people with MS and other conditions such as sports injuries, leg ulcers, strokes, cancer etc, treatments such as Oxygen Therapy, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Massage are not available nor affordable on the NHS. The Centre bridges this gap and offers these facilities and services. The Centre is entirely self-funded and we rely on donations. We welcome people of all ages who have MS or other conditions. Once you are a member (there is a small voluntary annual subscription), you have access to all the facilities at the centre and can book as many therapy sessions as you require up to a six week period.

Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (Oxford) Ltd
37E Innovation Drive Milton Park
OX14 4RT


Mrs Sue Doran

Oxygen Therapy. Oxygen Treatment is a simple, non-invasive and painless treatment that has been used to treat the symptoms of MS and other conditions such as sports injuries, leg ulcers, strokes and following cancer therapies for many years. The treatment involves breathing pure oxygen at pressure in a special chamber. The chamber at the Centre can accommodate 6 people and is fully tested, maintained and insured. SPECIALISED GYM: - MOTOmed. Providing leg and arm-upper body training to promote walking ability, reduce spasticity, improve strength, circulation, joint stiffness, loss of muscle mass, digestive and bladder problems etc. Balance Trainer - Members with partially or entirely limited standing abilities are able to stand safely. This allows muscles to be stretched and weight bearing through the lower limbs to be carried out. At the same time members can work on balance activities while safely supported. Also available in the gym are: - parallel bars - wall fixed bars - theraband - gym balls - exercise mat for floor work

Mrs Patricia Knight

Physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can teach how to control and coordinate movement, reduce spasticity and help to regain functional abilities. Programmes are tailored to each individual.

Mrs Helen Thorpe

Massage, Beauty Therapist and Reflexology. Massage helps to improve circulation, relax tense muscles and is an excellent way to unwind and help to restore a sense of well being and balance. Reflexology can promote relaxation, improve circulation, reduce pain, soothe tired feet and encourage overall well-being. Many people feel calm and relaxed after treatment, or even sleepy!

Mr Tim Cann

Acupuncturist. Acupuncture involves small needles being inserted into points on the body. It can help with pain relief and other issues such as bladder control, shaking and fatigue.

Mrs Patricia Sadler

Osteopath. Osteopathy helps to free up restricted joints and muscle, and can address postural issues that put repeated pressure on arms and shoulders.

Mrs Janet Lynn

Foot Health. Our foot health practitioner provides routine foot care, helping relieve pain and treat a variety of conditions, such as corns, calluses and fungal infections.

Sports Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following sports.

Injury Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following injuries.

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