Perfect Balance Clinic

Perfect Balance Clinic

Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Sports Massage

We are a team of expert pain relief therapists and rehab professionals that can tend to aches and pains, regardless of the cause. Whether you are an infant, a sports professional or of the elderly generation, whatever your pain or rehabilitation concern, we can help you.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of specialist treatments that position the body in an optimal place to heal itself. We can provide you with the latest therapeutic modalities and treatments to get you moving and out of pain quickly.

Our teams meet on a regular basis to discuss cases and we will ensure you get the best of all of our expertise to help you get better. Our clients are those that are not happy with their current situation and are ready for something that will make a difference.

Stop suffering pain or discomfort; we offer effective pain management with therapists specialising in a whole range of fields. Our therapists are selected for their unique, qualified skills to work within small friendly teams. Our locations are not only chosen for their smart, trendy addresses, but for the ease of access and convenience to our all of our clients.

We hope to welcome you soon to one of our clinics where you will be made to feel comfortable and have your injury or condition assessed and dealt with effectively.

Perfect Balance Clinic
David Lloyd Hatfield, Mosquito Way, Hatfield
AL10 9AX


Mr Aaron Trim

Qualifications Bsc Hons Sports Therapy R.E.P’s Level 4 – Specialist in the Management of Back Pain R.E.P’s Level 2 and 3 – Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer Sports Massage – (Soft Tissue Massage ranging from Superficial to Deep tissue techniques) Stretching – (Qualified in offering a variety of Advanced stretching techniques which include, PNF – P.I.R, STR, and Oscillatory Stretching) Rehabilitation – (Offering Rehabilitation to patients/athletes following an injury, in aid to get them back to full health) Strapping & Taping – (Strapping & Taping techniques on all major joints of the Human body. Electrotherapy – (Qualified to use all major electrotherapy modalities, including Ultrasound, TENS, EMG and Laser treatment.) Gait Analyzer – (Qualified to assess an individuals Gait; both Upper and Lower body) K Laser – (Qualified in Class IV Therapeutic Laser) Level 5 – Dry Needling Past experience/employment: I qualified as a Bsc Hons Sports Therapist at the University of Bedfordshire in 2011, where I gained valuable experience in treating a variety of clientele with all types of musculoskeletal and joint injuries. My dream in helping patients began in 2005, where at the age of 16 I started my first ever work experience at St Ann’s Hospital in London. Here I was offered a position as a Physiotherapist Assistant where my duties were to assist receptionists, book/manage appointments and help patients with osteoarthritis in the treatment room. I was also able to lead circuit training sessions for middle aged patients who suffered from knee and ankle injuries. My experience as a Therapist then began in 2009 at the Flora London Marathon, where I offered professional Sports Massage and Advance Stretching to competitors who represented the MacMillan Cancer Support Trust. Being a professional county and international 400m runner, I was able to relate to the muscle conditions of the athletes and offer professional advice. Following such a successful experie

Miss Claire Chaplin

Miss Claire Chaplin works at Perfect Balance Clinic.

Mr Daine McKibben Rice

Mr Daine McKibben Rice works at Perfect Balance Clinic.

Miss Liz McGirl

Miss Liz McGirl works at Perfect Balance Clinic.

Miss Lucy Georgiou

Miss Lucy Georgiou works at Perfect Balance Clinic.

Mr Mark Richardson

Mr Mark Richardson works at Perfect Balance Clinic.

Mr Mat Pollard

Mr Mat Pollard works at Perfect Balance Clinic.

Mr Stephen Makinde

Mr Stephen Makinde works at Perfect Balance Clinic.

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