Acupuncture, Gait Analysis, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Strapping & Taping

Acupuncture is where fine needles are inserted in to certain parts of the body as a form of complementary or alternative treatment. Please contact us for further details of how we can help.

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Mr Paul Hobrough MCSP

I am a chartered and state registered Physiotherapist. I spent 16 years in the Great Britain flatwater kayak team racing all over the world as a National Lottery funded athlete. I now write for Runners World and I am the lead Physiotherapist for Lucozade sport, Sweatshop UK, Running with us coaching, and Humanrace events. At the age of 8, l said to my parents that I wanted to be an athlete. The issue was that I wasn’t very good at sport!! With hard work and determination I tried everything from football to cricket and yet nothing seemed to make sense. I did, however, show some natural ability at swimming yet this was a short-lived career once I discovered kayaking. It was like that eureka moment we all dream of, everything fell into place immediately and the next 20 years of my life were now programmed. From the age of 13, I trained as much as possible, and just before my 16th birthday I was selected to compete for my country. Several years on and I was working with three others to try and qualify a 4-man boat for the Olympics. Sadly this quest failed; however, armed with 16 years of an international sports career, a degree and countless other industry qualifications, I founded the company Physio&Therapy UK. Highlights of my career to date include heading up the health and fitness department at the University of Surrey, head of physical development with the Police, and researching groundbreaking sports science at the National Sports Medicine Institute, of the UK. A father of 3, I have extensive education to degree and post graduate level and hope to swim the channel as part of a team in July 2011. My business is only as good as my team. When I started, I decided that every new member of staff would have to strengthen the team, and I would only employ someone that was either better than me or had the potential to be better than all of us. I know our service is the best in the UK. We are open longer hours and we have a broader skill set than any other company.

Mr Paul Hobrough MCSP email address Mr Paul Hobrough MCSP phone number 01434 338010
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