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Revitalize is a health and fitness clinic which offers the best health and fitness professionals to the public

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We have 2300+ clients, provide 500 plus appointments a month, "extremely satisfied" rating of over 95% and more than 10 health and fitness practitioners for you to chose from

Revitalize Clinic
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Mr Elliott Reid

From an early age Elliott (Clinic Lead and owner) has held a deep rooted interest in sports, fitness and the human body. This began with taking part in boxing and weightlifting. As an inquisitive thinker he wished to know more about the mechanisms which allow the human body to perform such tasks leading, inevitably, to a career in Osteopathy. This interest developed into a passion which has seen him open a private practice aiming to debunk common myths, driving both the fitness and physical therapy industries forward. Elliott spends much of his free time researching the latest advancements in treatment techniques. This knowledge is then applied to provide Osteopathic treatment as effectively as possible, speeding patient recovery. As well as the general public, Elliott’s client portfolio includes the world’s leading strongmen, powerlifters and semi-professional footballers. Applying his research, knowledge and experience of the human body into strength and conditioning, he provides Personal Training which is highly specific to the client. In his words, “I take out the gimmicks seen in many training regimes and implement research and information from industry leaders to progress my clients towards their individual goals…” Furthermore, Elliott has been practicing sports massage for 5 years and prides himself on being able to find the source of the patient’s discomfort as well as providing a high level of customer service. During the treatment both the oil and massage table are heated whilst refreshments are provided on completion of the massage. Whether it’s physical therapy, personal training or sports massage that is needed, Elliott is able to combine individuality, science and experience to provide an effective and enjoyable service. Book a free consultation with Elliott. Simply call 01474 356 284 today Alternatively, please email him at

Mr Arwel Robers

Arwel’s interest in manual therapy began after receiving a number of treatments as a young sportsman. Picking up lower back, shoulder, and hamstring injuries but not wanting to take a day away from playing for his teams he received a number of treatments from a variety of therapists. As a youngster he was amazed people could understand the bodies anatomy and physiology enough to optimize the recovery process and get people back doing what they love quicker. At this point he knew he wanted to follow a similar path and help others do what they love. After studying his A levels he immediately went to the British College of Osteopathic Medicine to study Osteopathy. His approach to treating patients is simple making things less painful using hands-on techniques and giving patients advice and exercise that is fun and applicable to the individual that gradual promotes stronger more mobile people. As well as treating patients as an osteopath he enjoys educating people in health & wellbeing, whilst encouraging people to be more proactive and exploratory in a fun and playful manner. Arwel enjoys keeping active, playing rugby for the last 10 years, and starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the last 6 months. Arwel has spent a lot of time reading and researching the latest advances in pain science, rehabilitation, prehabilitation/ injury mitigation and movement, integrating this into his treatments. He hopes to spark others interests in keeping their body and mind healthy by taking small steps in a timely manner to improve their lifestyle, instead of falling into the easy, immobile, and unhealthy lifestyles many of us live. Whether it is manual or physical therapy, a rehabilitations plan, or an injury mitigation plan that is individualized to you Arwel will be able to provide this whilst keeping the process fun, enjoyable and goal orientated.

Miss Ellie Bearman

Ellie is our longest standing practitioner having joined the team in 2013 just months after Revitalize was founded. She started with us during her studies at the University of Bedfordshire and became a full time member once graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Therapy in 2015. She has worked very closely with a number of athletes, from runners to rugby players, and has a variety of experience within sports teams such as MK Dons Academy, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and a number of semi-professional football teams. Ellie is the current first team Sports Therapist at Gravesend Rugby Football Club allowing her to gain first hand insight into sporting injuries holding her at an advantage when dealing with sports related injuries within the clinic. For Ellie, her knowledge does not stop at sports, Ellie deals with a number of health related injuries such as spinal injuries, pregnancy related pain, arthritic conditions and many more. Ellie takes pride in her work here at Revitalize to ensure treatment and rehabilitation not only reduces pain but provides a long term cure! “Sports Therapy is a highly satisfying career as it aims to better people’s daily lifestyle and potentially improve athletes’ performance. There is nothing more satisfying than fixing someone’s injury!” Ellie feels that it is important to continuously further her knowledge, she has additional certification which allows her to apply kinesiology tape, perform spinal manipulation and is first aid qualified. Over 70% of the population suffer from lower back pain and do not realise it is a symptom of an injury and is something that you don’t have to live with, my aim is to find the cause and treat it as necessary.

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Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following sports.

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Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following injuries.

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