seventy9 Sports Therapy

seventy9 Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy, Gait Analysis, Sports Massage, Sports Rehabilitation, Strapping & Taping

seventy9 Sports Therapy is a private sports injury clinic in Farnham, Surrey, specialising in the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries across the entire activity spectrum. We pride ourselves on the delivery of a high performance service, regardless of your physical or sporting abilities. Our skilled and experienced therapists use best evidence based practice to restore full fitness and function across the spectrum of sport, exercise and occupational related injuries, treating you as an individual and building bespoke exercise programmes to fit your lifestyle and schedule.
Our therapists are all members of The Society of Sports Therapists.

seventy9 Sports Therapy
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Ian Wrightson Sports Therapy

Ian Wrightson Sports Therapy works at seventy9 Sports Therapy.

Mr Ian Wrightson

Ian graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2007 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Therapy. He has been a fully accredited member of the Society of Sports Therapists ever since. Ian has previously worked in the Physiotherapy department at London Scottish Rugby Club, providing assessment and treatment to professional and amateur players with a wide range of injuries, as well as producing and co-ordinating structured rehabilitation programmes in his role as the club’s Rehabilitation Supervisor. He has also provided Sports Therapy care for riders of the Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT, one of the top ranked road cycling teams in the country. Ian has previously worked at the Optimum Fitness sports injury clinic at the Surrey Sports Park, Guildford, where he worked with patients from all walks of life, including many high performance, elite, and professional athletes. He has a special interest in lower limb movement mechanics in relation to walking and running gait, as well as cycling biomechanics. With a background in collision sports, the shoulder is also a source of interest for Ian. He also sees his role as that of an educator, helping patients/athletes/coaches/managers/parents understand the exact details of the injury or dysfunction. He actively encourages questions, as well as constantly critiquing his own work. Ian is a keen sportsman, having played county and divisional rugby union, as well as competing in cricket, tennis, hockey and athletics, he has now turned his passion for competition to road cycling, currently acting as a brand ambassador and racing for Wyndymilla. Ian is never far from sport, and time off is often spent skiing or cycling, fuelling his passion for adventure. It was his love of sport, combined with an interest in injuries and the science behind them that fuelled his desire to pursue his career in Sports Therapy. He teams this with a constant desire to learn and is constantly striving to hone his skills as a skilled and empathetic practitioner. This is highlighted with respect to his CPD learning which covers topics across the fields of Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy, Strength and Conditioning, Physiology, and Orthopaedic Medicine.

Sports Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following sports.

Injury Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following injuries.

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