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There is no better feeling than when a client tells us how chiropractic care has changed their life! Often we hear of how people can now return to work, or they can play with their children more, or they can enjoy their retirement, or they have more energy to do all the things in life that they want to do.

Just like every client is different, so is every healthcare practitioner; to begin with everyone has a different set of hands; therefore we feel it is important to explain our approach.

Specifically, one of our major focuses is posture and the correction of postural problems. We focus on this because posture is the window to our spine. This means by assessing posture, we can evaluate how your spine lies and if there is any added pressure on the nervous system. The nervous system is important as it is the master controller of our bodies.

Pain is a warning signal. This means when pain is present, now is the time to take action. We also understand that many people are not just looking for a solution to the pain but would like a long term solution to their problem. By correcting posture, our aim is to prevent future reoccurrences, rather than focussing entirely on pain management.

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Summit Chiropractic Clinic
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