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Hi, I'm Kay. I help others get better when physical challenges and stress-tension get in the way. Whether you have a minor injury, medical condition or chronic niggle that you're fed up with, I offer a range of services to bring the spring back to your step. Perhaps you feel stuck, thinking that you should do something but really not wanting to do so or knowing where to start. Perhaps you need a bit of relaxation first, before being ready to take other steps towards a healthier you.

I discovered a different career path after having to rehabilitate from a complex set of physical medical conditions. People witnessing my recovery began asking for advice and referring others as they saw me succeed inspire of the odds. I realised I had a new expertise born from adversity. I shifted focus away from my previous financial, post-grad and executive level experience to help people feel good physically, improving an overall sense of wellbeing.

You may be someone with a chronic and/or medical condition that’s tried a variety of services. I have a particular interest and experience helping people improve who have back pain, joint hypermobility, Ehlers-danlos Syndrome, fatigue, fibromyalgia, POTS, chronic pain and more. If in doubt, just ask!

Soft Tissue Therapist- ISRM Institute for Sport & Remedial Massage LVL 5 (1 year course with clinic work)
Specialist Exercise Referral Instructor / Personal Trainer - Premier trained through to LVL 4 including medical conditions plus low back pain specialism.
Qigong & Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor - Tse Qigong Centre Traditional Chinese skills and culture

CNHC - Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
ISRM - ISRM Institute for Sport & Remedial Massage
REPs - Register of Exercise Professionals
Tse Qigong Centre
STA - Sports Therapy Association
ICO - Information Commissioner’s Office

My approach to soft tissue treatment, sports massage and specialised personal training services like Qigong is professional and empathetic, particularly for those with complex histories. I bolstered my qualifications with University-accredited psychology work via the NHS to guide you through healthy lifestyle change. Inevitably, many of our day-to-day aches and problems are born from how we use our bodies - our habits. When and if you’re ready to be open to change, my approach evokes your motivation to find your way towards a healthier and thus, happier, you. If all you're ready for at the moment is passive treatment, I'll meet you where you are and work with you for what you are up for along the way.

Some insurance cash plans may cover the cost of treatment.

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Mr Kay White

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Sports Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following sports.

Injury Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following injuries.

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