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The Sayer Clinic

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The Sayer Clinic provides effective treatment for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica, Neck, shoulder and arm pain, Whiplash Injuries, headaches and migraines, Pelvic and Coccyx pain, Sports and dance Injuries, Frozen Shoulder / injuries, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), Tennis and Golfers Elbow, Scoliosis & Postural Correction. We are specialist listed and internationally acclaimed for our success in treatment of coccyx and pelvic pain. Sayer Back Pain and Neck Pain Clinics – leading London Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage and Postural Rehabilitation Clinics with the most experienced, best recommended, caring doctors and professional therapists in West London W8, Central London W1 and City of London EC2. If you are suffering or in pain we are here to help you. Efficient Diagnosis – Effective Treatment – Intelligent Advice Sayer Clinics for Londoners, UK and Internationally. All our Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, Shiatsu and Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists have been personally chosen by Sayer Clinics founder and chiropractor Dr Michael Durtnall for their extreme professional ability,accurate diagnosis and successful hands-on treatment of back pain and sciatica, neck, shoulder and arm pain, spinal, hip and knee joint conditions, muscular or nerve pain, sports and dance injuries. We use Diagnostic Digital Computed X-Rays, safe, skillful chiropractic manipulation, osteopathic, physiotherapy and physical therapy modalities (laser and ultrasound), therapeutic massage and medical acupuncture to successfully restore mobility and function, relieve pain and help regain optimal health. We are registered with the General Chiropractic Council, General Osteopathic Council and are members of the British Chiropractic Association or British Osteopathic Association and British Medical Acupuncture Society. We accept patient referrals

The Sayer Clinic
80 Coleman Street


Dr Marek Gibson

Practices at Sayer Clinics: Marylebone W1 and at Kensington W8 Briony is exceptionally talented in neck, shoulder, arm pain and lower back pain and sciatica. She is also expert in manual ART muscle techniques and is trained in Webster Technique for Pregnancy malposition. Briony graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with a Masters degree in 2009. She greatly enjoys Chiropractic practice and is an excellent clinician who is greatly appreciated by her patients. Briony has expertise in a wide variety of techniques to help her enthusiastic following of patients who have suffered from: Low back pain, sciatica, spinal disc problems, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, migraines, headaches, neck related dizziness, hip pain, pelvic and sacroiliac pain, knee pain, whiplash and sports related injuries. Briony is also qualified to treat Benign Proximal Positional Vertigo and is specialised in the Webster Technique in the treatment of pregnancy pelvic pain conditions. While many patients get great relief from chiropractic spinal adjustments, others may prefer not have any "clicking" of joints. Briony uses a wide variety of techniques for maximum patient comfort, and can utilise gentle mobilisation and stretching, rather than joint manipulation, if requested by patients. Treatment Techniques: Spinal adjustments Diversified technique Low Force Technique Mobilisations Myofascial trigger point therapy Muscle release and ART techniques Ultrasound Western Medical Acupuncture Briony Geekie Says: "I love treating patients of all ages and helping them to understand more clearly their symptoms, then working with them to help them function better and prevent reccurrence of their injury". Briony has also studied and has qualified to treat horses and dogs, a part of her clinical work about which she is very proud and passionate.

Miss Karolina Krzaczek

Karolina Krzaczek BSc MSc HCPC Master of Physiotherapy BSc MSc Chartered Physiotherapist and Pelvic Pain specialist Practises at Sayer Clinics: City EC2, Marylebone W1 and Kensington W8 Karolina received her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2005 at the Medical University of Lublin (Poland) and her Masters degree in Physiotherapy in 2007 at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw (Poland). Karolina practices brilliantly at Sayer Clinics with intelligence, positive energy and skilled physical therapy, massage & rehabilitation techniques including Deep Tissue Remedial massage, myofascial trigger point therapy, physical therapy and physiotherapy modalities. She applies a range of hands-on therapy techniques and exercises to match the individual needs of each patient. The treatment methods she uses include soft tissue release, soft tissue mobilisation techniques, trigger points therapy, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, Kinesiology Taping, PNF method and G.D.S muscle chains method. Karolina is also advanced in back pain, neck pain, rib pain and chest myofascial release for postural rehabilitation and scoliosis as well as active release technique ART, muscle ENERGISING technique and Trigger Point TP therapy. Karolina is expert in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of shoulder, elbow, wrist and RSI / hand pain as well as hip, groin, knee, ankle, low back and sciatica leg pain, scoliosis, pelvic pain and postural muscle imbalance. Karolina is amazingly skilled, extremely intelligent and highly effective in her manual physiotherapy for pelvic pain in EC2, W1 and Kensington W8 and gives her patients the very best treatment outcomes. Karolina is listed in as part of Sayer Clinics' unique pelvic pain team of pelvic and coccyx pain chiropractors and brilliant pelvic pain physiotherapists across London.

Miss Marta Oliveira

Pelvic Pain Physiotherapist at Sayer Clinics Pelvic Physiotherapy in London W8, W1 and EC2. Marta is especially gifted, caring and skilled in treatment of her patients suffering chronic and acute pelvic pain as well as muscular, joint and nerve pain. Marta qualified as a physiotherapist in 2009 and has since obtained qualifications and experience in orthopedic manual therapy, sports physiotherapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation and postural correction. She is certified in orthopedic manual therapy to treat sports injuries and postural disorders of both athletes and people of all ages and in pelvic floor dysfunction. In 2016, Marta finished the postgraduate certificate in Women’s Health where she obtained academic qualifications to work with pregnant women suffering from pelvic girdle pain, and/or women with pelvic floor, bladder and bowel dysfunction. She is expert in assessment and treatment of shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, spinal disorders and pelvic floor related injuries. Marta is passionate in giving her patients the best possible treatment and care. Musculoskeletal techniques: •Relaxation and breathing control Techniques •Postural rehabilitation - Meziérès method •Ultrasound and Electrotherapy •Orthopedic Manual Therapy: Maitland; Mulligan Concept •Kinesio taping; McConnell Taping; Functional taping •Soft and deep tissue and sports massage; Trigger Point therapy •Motor control; Exercise programs •Manual lymphatic drainage •Patient education Pelvic floor manual therapy, strengthening and stretching techniques Marta's expertise in musculoskeletal therapy and pelvic floor dysfunction addresses the underlying cause of pain to achieve lasting results. Her years of experience give her a specific insight into the journey that leads to injury and the route back to health, as well as the psychological aspects of injury. Marta uses manual therapy and posture techniques and ergonomics.

Miss Chifumi Fukui

Chifumi has trained to the highest level in sports and remedial massage therapy. She is highly experienced in joyfully helping mothers-to-be with her excellent Pregnancy and Post Natal massage therapy. Chifumi has a special interest in treating chronic pain as an alternative and complementary medicine to free patients from the misery of pain. She deeply and intuitively massages soft tissues; muscles, tendons, ligaments and fasciae.

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Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following injuries.

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