The Victoria Park Clinic

The Victoria Park Clinic

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The Victoria Park Clinic is packed with Therapists who are ready to treat and alleviate your pain. We have one of Cardiff's top rated Chiropractors, a uniquely dedicated Shock Wave Therapy Centre with an 85% treatment success rate, as well as an experienced Osteopath, Sports Therapist, Sports Massage Therapist, Nutritionist, Foot Healthcare and Counselling. The Victoria Park Clinic is your on stop shop for all of your Sports Injury and Rehabilitation needs. Many of our therapists are sports people/former sports people with International Honours, who continue to work with Sports Clubs and Governing bodies every week alongside their clinic responsibilities. We have a 3D scanner for Foot Orthotics which we combine with video analysis for accurate gait diagnosis together with a number of prescribed orthotic options.

Wherever possible we aim to see you same day or within 24hrs whichever is most convenient for you.

The Victoria Park Clinic
593 Cowbridge Road East Victoria Park


Mr Andrew McCarthy

Sports Massage, Shockwave Therapist, Sports Trauma Manager. Experience across many sporting fields. Having begun his lifelong rugby career as a small child, Andrew has been receiving massage therapy since the age of sixteen. While both playing and coaching rugby at the local, national and international levels, Andrew has continuously relied on massage therapy—not only to keep his own body in excellent playing form, but also for the treatment of a spinal injury sustained in 1999. As a result, he has a first-hand understanding of how to get his clients’ muscles back in top-notch condition—no matter how hard they’ve push them.

Mrs Heidi McCarthy

An experienced Orthotist, who provides Gait Analysis, Orthotics, and Supports for all walks/sports life. Shockwave Therapist with uses from Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Achilles Tendinopathy, Bursitis, Golfers/Tennis Elbow.

Miss Elain Roberts

Elain is a Sport Injury Therapist who specialises in returning athletes to their sport after injury. She is a passionate individual who has extensive sporting knowledge, having competed at elite level in many different sports. Currently she is a Netball and Rugby enthusiast, regularly competing and working within the sports and has gained numerous caps for Wales in multiple sports. Elain has worked with clubs including Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey, Cardiff Metropolitan Netball, Wales Netball and is presently the Therapist for the Norwegian Women's Rugby National Team. Her enthusiasm for treating injuries stems from suffering multiple injuries throughout her career, and wanting to learn the details. Her passion for sport enables Elain to understand and sympathise with any injury.

Mr Matthew Corbin

Matthew first opened Corbin chiropractic in 2014. Since then he has developed a successful practice in Cardiff. People travel from all over South Wales and even further afield. Matthew is a keen exercise enthusiast enjoying running, strength training, yoga and martial arts. He has learned acupuncture, acupuncture for sports injuries, shockwave therapy, exercise and rehabilitation, sports tape, IASTM and many other manual skills, to give his patients what they need. The people he sees could be anyone from runners and triathletes to postman and office workers. He has a keen interest of the shoulder and pain issues of the shoulder girdle. Matthew is a warm and kind hearted chiropractor who will always do his best, giving a comprehensive examination, diagnosis and treatment. X rays are rarely needed but does have a referral system in place should imaging be needed. Most patients will be given a rehabilitation program along with advice on sleep, nutrition and longevity strategies to keep you going!

Ms Heather Bear

I work alongside clients who feel stuck; at a low point; would like to see some change; or just need to talk. Using Adlerian principles from the psychology of Alfred Adler, I believe in human creativity and the power of choice. With a little insight and encouragement we can work towards changing ourselves and our habitual ways of behaving. INSIGHT + ACTION = CHANGE To book an appointment with Heather please call us on 02920564111

Miss Joanne Crovini

Jo Crovini is an experienced nutritionist.

Mr John Hayward

Mr John Hayward works at The Victoria Park Clinic.

Miss Laura Stevens

Physio CRCC

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