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Whether it's Plymouth Argyle football club, Albion Rugby Football Club, Raiders basketball, or the Devils speedway, there is a rich heritage of sport in the Plymouth area that is often harshly overlooked by those in bigger cities. To help support this love of sport there is a healthy number of sports injury clinics and specialists all listed on Sports Injury Fix that can help get you back playing the sport you love whether you are a professional or amateur. 

It doesn't matter if you are part of the Plymouth Musketeers, Storm running club, any local sports team or just someone that tries to keep fit with the odd gym session. However you've experienced a sports injury then there will be someone listed on Sports Injury Fix that can help from a Sports Therapist to a Physio to an Osteopath and many more.  

All types of injuries are treated from thigh and back strains to sciatica and Achilles tendonitis. Our wide variety of listings covering the Plymouth area will allow you to find the right person to provide the best tailored treatment for your injury.  Use Sports Injury Fix now to search for the right Plymouth sports injury therapist for you.

Find Plymouth Sports Specialists & Therapists

Here are a few quick links to help you find your local sports injury specialists:

Services In Plymouth

Connective Sports Therapy

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Connective Sports Therapy will provide you with a full postural assessment and a diagnosis of your injury, as well as creating a bespoke treatment plan to aid your recovery. My aim is to help you return to full fitness or day to day activities and pain free as soon as possible. I will also support you by giving you the advice and preparations needed to prevent further injuries.

Plymouth Injury Clinic

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Plymouth Injury Clinic specialise in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. We offer a range of therapies such as sports massage, sports therapy, joint mobilisations, dry needling, cupping, sports taping and rehabilitation. Our therapists are highly trained, competent and committed to helping people lead pain free, fulfilling lives. We welcome you to our friendly central clinic for a thorough assessment and to commence treatment.

The Therapy Hub

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The Therapy Hub offers Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation that will aid the recovery and prevention of all musculoskeletal conditions for both athletes and the general population. Our Services include; Injury Assessment & Diagnosis, Sports Massage, IASTM, Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Dry Cupping Therapy, Dry Needling and exercise therapy/rehabilitation.

Alterra Performance

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Triathlon and adventure sports coaching/ Physiotherapy/ Performance nutrition