Frontend Web developer

Organisational Profile: was set up in response to the problems which the public find in accessing the right professional to treat their sports injury. With us all being told to be active and NHS physio waiting lists often months long, a growing number of people are seeking private help. holds details of thousands of therapists and clients are able to search using different variables and the site simplifies the process, enabling people to swiftly connect with the professional who is best placed to help them. Therapists benefit from technical solutions we provide to make their job easier, more efficient and more effective.

We are fully funded, revenue generating and fast growing.

We have gone through our second round of funding and and have a fantastic 2020 planned. We need a front-end developer to put the icing on the cake and really drive the front-end forward.

The role will involve:
You would be working with the Technical Director on an exciting fast-growing platform which is already being labelled a game-changer in the industry. You will apply your front-end expertise to bring out the best of the user experience, whilst being key to helping shape the project moving forward.

We have already made great strides in improving the front-end - namely phasing out JQuery and Bootstrap, and replacing it with VueJS and Tailwind. During 2020 however, we will be reducing the responsibility of the backend code and moving to a microservices architecture.

As a front-end developer, you probably use React, or Angular, or perhaps you've already picked up VueJS. If not, we are sure you will find it easy to get to grips with and great fun to work with. Have you used React Native? Because we have apps on the way too.

We’ll help you get a fundamental understanding of the platform and would expect you to be comfortable within a couple months to the point you're confident with the codebase. You’ll then be working on increasingly more complex requirements in line with priorities.

Our stack

For an idea of what you would be working with, this is what we use. We don't expect you to know these, and would soon get you up to speed with them.

  • We use Kubernetes in production and staging, and Docker for development. 
  • We (genuinely!) use Agile over 2-week sprints with an aim of 160 points per sprint per developer (If you don't know what we mean, you'll be fine).
  • We use Cypress for end-to-end testing, and PHPUnit for automated testing on the backend.
  • PHPLint, ESlint. Not much else to say here.
  • We use Symfony for the backend, VueJS for the front end. We still have legacy pages in jQuery/Bootstrap, but are working on it.

About us

  • We are an energetic group with a mission to enrich therapists with the right tools and to help people get the treatment that is right for them.
  • We are fast-paced, but value a work-life balance. We are focused on the productivity more than rigid, unproductive hours and timesheets.
  • We don’t mind where you work or what time you pop into the office. We trust you to produce results and the best working environment is not always the same shared office day in/day out with headphones in.
  • We encourage each other to live a healthy lifestyle. We have been physically broken in various levels in the past, and maintain a regular gym schedule lead by our in-house personal trainer. We would welcome you to join us and help you keep fit, or get you fit!

About you

  • You are technically minded. Tough challenges are exciting and seen as an opportunity to grow.
  • Current and future tech inspires and interests you. As nice as current frameworks are, you can see the inventiveness of other frameworks and libraries and what they could bring to the table.
  • You maintain a blog, or contribute to open source, or attend developer meet up’s. You are open about sharing and receiving experiences with fellow devs.
  • You can take criticism and also dish it out. We all make mistakes and have the advantage of multiple pairs of eyes to straighten them out.
  • You are irritated by poor quality code. That method in a library which does not follow the house style, or that chunk of code that solves a quick problem in a dirty way..
  • You prefer code to be covered by automated tests where sensible and fully understand the many benefits of such.
  • You are keen to keep a strong work/life balance. We all need our downtime, our hobbies and interests, and time to resolve life’s other challenges and commitments.


  • Assisting in identifying and agreeing requirements.
  • Translating requirements into technical specifications.
  • Completion of technical tasks in line with requirements.
  • Identifying and resolving issues across the project.


  • Good understanding of frontend frameworks (particularly either React, VueJS, or Angular).
  • Proficiency with Git.
  • Experience of tooling e.g. Yarn, NPM, WebPack.
  • A keen eye on UI and UX details. 
  • An ability to work as part of a team.


  • A degree in a related subject would be a bonus but we understand that some of the most gifted developers struggle in traditional rigid academic structures.
  • Automated testing experience (PHPUnit, Selenium)
  • Experience of containerisation (Kubernetes and Docker)
  • Familiarity with Agile processes
  • A growth mindset


  • Flexible working: time and location
  • Pension
  • An amazing office right next to Cardiff Central Station with all the benefits that brings including free tea/coffee etc.
  • Healthcare: free physiotherapy treatment and personal training.


  • £22,000-£26,000 dependent on experience

To apply submit a CV and cover letter to