About Sports Injury Fix

Sports Injury Fix came about due to our founder Malcolm Sloan being made of glass, regularly hurting himself joining the average person that sees more than 3 therapists before they finally find the right one. 

If you’re a runner and you’ve hurt your knee why are you expected to know whether you should see a physio, chiro, osteo, sports therapist, podiatrist, soft tissue therapist etc? You just want to get fixed.

To combat this, we've brought the fragmented market together with therapists around the UK who have all input what sports and injuries they specialise in. This enables you to find the right person to get fixed not frustrated.

Following requests from therapists and associations to become a platform to help therapists succeed online we created simple yet powerful solutions that save therapists time and money and make it easier for patients to find and book them. Find out more about that here.

We’ve built a hugely experienced management team as outlined below.  With a perfect blend of medical, business and technical knowledge, skills and experience, as well as working with many of the main industry associations, we’re well-positioned to help.

Mike James Paul Addicot

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the frustration around injuries. We strive to help you get fixed not frustrated, through finding the right advice and treatment.

We also enable good therapists to succeed; promoting their areas of expertise and making it easier for clients they can best help to find them, book with them and know their data is secure.

Our Core Values

  1. Simplicity - In a world of ever-increasing complexity everything we do aims to make things simpler and easier for the public and therapists alike.
  2. People not profession- We believe in the personal touch; that finding someone that specialises in your sports and/or injury will be more beneficial than searching by profession.
  3. Responsibility - We are committed to promoting responsible treatment providers, evidenced based advice, and helping provide opportunities for further development for therapists.
  4. Giving Back - We think it is important to give back and work with key partners to help further knowledge of sports injuries and how best to treat them.

 Our Management Team

Malcolm Sloan founder and director of Sports Injury Fix
Malcolm Sloan 
Founder & Director
Made of glass, highly experienced in the "business stuff", former management consultant, still dining out on completing 2014 Ironman Wales and a lot slower than he remembers. Has spent way too much previously trying to find the right treatment. 
James Edgeworth 
Hugely experienced all-round tech genius. Previously the lead developer in agencies in Cardiff and London working with start-ups through to large enterprises. Had a couple of his own stints working for start-ups that, thankfully for us, failed so James could take all that learning and make Sports Injury Fix a success. Also, huge (6’7”).
Mike James Director of Sports Injury FixMike James - MSc BSc (Hons) PG Dip Cert Ed GSR MAACP MACPSEM MCSP
As a former military physical training instructor turned rehabber turned physio, Mike embodies Sports Injury Fix through his rare experience that bridges the exercise vs rehab professional and physio vs non-physio divides. Highly experience with Graduate Sports Rehabilitator, MSc Physio, MSc Sports Science and strength coach qualifications along with military, NHS and private practice experience. Mike has also completed over 100 marathons/ultras/Ironman, and even swum the channel. AKA "The Endurance Physio" for obvious reasons he has a huge following and regularly speaks at leading conferences.
Dr Rod Jaques Sports Injury Fix non executive director and head of medical services English Institute of SportDr Rod Jaques - FFSEM(uk) Dipl Sports Med, FISM, DRCOG, MRCGP
Non-Executive Director
Over 30 years of experience in Sports Medicine. Head of Medical Services English Institute of Sport, consultant, former President Faculty Sports & Exercise Medicine, and has been to 5 Olympics with the Team GB Medical Team.