About Sports Injury Fix

I started Sports Injury Fix having had regular sports injuries and got frustrated with the inability to quickly and easily find the best local specialists that understood my injury and the sports I did. I didn't want to receive another list of generic exercises, be told not to exercise for 6 months or have someone that wouldn't take the time to understand the issue and get to the root of the problem.  It was also due to a lack of awareness and information of the different professions that could help, to clarify what physiotherapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports massage therapists, sports rehab specialists, podiatrists etc actually were and how each could help.

There are many experts that are excellent at treating sports injuries and providing advice and guidance to avoid and/or treat injuries. My aim is to find and promote this.

As a former footballer and tennis player turned runner and Ironman triathlete, I've had my fair share of injuries from either pushing too hard, not listening to my body and a bit of bad luck! I’ve broken arms, fingers and toes, chipped bones in ankles, strained ankle ligaments, experienced shin splints, achilles tendinitis, and lower back pain to name just a few. I've also moved around the country a fair amount from Sussex to Sheffield to London before settling in Cardiff. This has meant that I have frequently found myself  searching for a good professional to ease the aches and pains or fix the most recent injury. Each time, it's been a long and expensive process to find someone good.  

Through my personal experiences, I have learnt that there are a raft of professionals that can help sports injuries each with their own areas of expertise. It’s often hard though to find or distinguish between these to identify someone who can help the specific injury you have. Talking with friends and family made me realise I was not alone having these frustrations, they are an everyday issue for many people who love sports and exercise. 

These experiences led me to develop Sports Injury Fix. My idea was to collate open source information on sports injury specialists and create a resource for people like me to quickly and easily search that explains which professions can help and which of these are available in my local area. As the community develops, businesses can personalise their listings and you will be able to see reviews of professionals and their sports and injuries specialities so you can chose the best person for your needs. In short, I wanted to develop the resource that I've always craved and I hope it will prove useful for you too. Best of all, it's a completely free service concerned only with helping you find what you need!

It's made at least one person happy having received this quote from Andy from Norfolk/Somerset

"I spent far too long trying to find a physio near me who understood running injuries and kept putting it off as a result. Using SportsInjuryFix I've already found someone far better suited to my particular latest injury and am back running. It saved a lot of time hunting around Google for the right person."

Please use Sports Injury Fix to find the right person to help you, provide honest reviews to help others and let us know your stories and feedback at info@sportsinjuryfix.com 

Malcolm Sloan

(Founder of Sports Injury Fix)