Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love to hear from you if you have a question. Please let us know at Alternatively, we've answered a few of the frequently asked ones below. Business/Therapist/Specialist FAQs are listed on the second half of the page.

Why should I use the site?

• Find specialists that can either treat your injury or help prevent you from getting one.

• All relevant professions included, we don't like silos.Not restricted to one profession e.g. Physio.

• Multiple filter options, including the ability to filter by sports or injury specialism and the ability to see and leave reviews.

• It's free

How does it work?

It is free to search for sports injury specialists. You are able to filter the results by location, distance, service required, injury, private health insurances accepted, and expertise in treating injuries associated with a particular sport.

You can save the details of your injury, along with information about previous injuries for future use by creating an account. This saves the frustration of having to explain this each time and providing important information for any treatment.

How should I choose a specialist?

It can be confusing to know who to go with so take your time and be open-minded. The best person might not come from your first choice profession. Feel free to contact and meet more than one provider, use the reviews on this website and don't be afraid to say no if it doesn't feel right. If there is no improvement in your injury then most specialists will be happy to recommend a different approach to take or refer you to someone else. Read ourblogpost to help you decide who to see.

We only want responsible and professional specialists on Sports Injury Fix and thus if you have a bad experience then please let us know. Please write a review of whoever you choose to help inform the decisions of others.

How do I sign up?

The website is free to use and sign up for everybody.Users can search for free or alternatively can register to post a problem via the ‘Register’ button.

Is it really free?

The website has been set up in response tofrustrations with trying to find good treatment for sports injuries so I wanted to create a website that put it all in one place, explained the options and was free to access. We will always maintain the free access for people to find treatment providers.


Therapists & Businesses

Why should I sign up?

For many reasons. You can see why and all the features and benefits for therapists here

How do I sign up?

Sign up here

Where can I find in-depth FAQs

Login to your business dashboard and under MORE you will see the option for FAQs which will take you to the indepth therapist FAQ section.

Where can I see the latest offers and benefits?

These are viewable in the links and offers part of your business dashboard once you've logged in.

Can I have multiple locations?

Yes. Simply create an account and once complete you can add as many locations as you like for free via your dashboard. You can add therapists to multiple locations too so you do not need to duplicate their profile.

Sports and injuries specialisms - why 5?

The top 5 is to help highlight to customers where there is an in-depth experience. For example, feedback from users is that they would like to be able to search for someone that has a high level of experience and expertise in running knee injuries for example. By having the top 5 it allows the user to search in such a way. We note on your profile that it doesn't mean these are the only sports/injuries you treat.