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Southampton, the Solent and the surrounding areas have lots of sports clubs for basketball, football, rugby and aikido amongst others. If you've been unlucky enough to be injured then Sports Injury Fix provides a directory of specialists that can help you recover by providing advice, support and treatment. These include sports therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and more. 

Whether it's a sports massage or gait analysis to resolve a niggle and prevent injury or something more, Sports Injury Fix has many specialists listed in the Southampton area that can help. 

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Services In Southampton

Atherley Physiotherapy Clinic

The solution to your pain... Specialists in: Musculoskeletal medicine Neck Pain Back pain Joint pain Headache Sports injuries Acupuncture MedCo-legal Reports Open 0800-2000 Mon -Fri

New Forest Physiotherapy Southampton

This business has not set any services.

Offering physiotherapy and sports massage treatments for musculoskeletal injuries, including sports injuries, back pain and whiplash, we are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients. Our team is made up of like minded professional physiotherapists and sports therapists dedicated to helping you recover from pain, achieve your fitness goals and return to the sports and activities you love.

Bishops Waltham Osteopathic Clinic

Piers specialises in rehabilitation of long term back and neck injuries and treatment of sports injuries through hands on treatment, exercise, gait analysis and postural advice. "I see a lot of pregnant women with various aches into their backs and have a special bolster that allows them to lie on their front without any pressure on their "bumps". I also perform the Epley manoeuvre on people with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) which helps dislodge the crystals in the inner ear that cause this condition". For many years he also worked at a sports club in South West London treating people with a variety of sports injuries such as shoulder pain or frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, knee aches, ankle sprains, achilles tendinopathy and muscular strains.


Sports Injuries 20 years experience with Hampshire County Cricket Club 3 years with Southampton Football Club Reserve Team over 35 years experience Spinal problems

Active Motion Injury Clinic

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Active Motion Injury Clinic - Golf Community We believe that when golfers get injured they seek the help of physiotherapist and sports therapist who are general practitioners and not specials in Golf and Golf related injuries. We want this to change. We are looking to to fill this niche and become the go to golf therapists in Hampshire and offer the tailored service that golfers of all levels deserve in order to keep them on the course and performing better. Active Motion Injury Clinic - Based in Upham. Our primary aim is to help those suffering from back or neck pain to return to their daily lives pain-free and without restrictions. This does not mean we only treat those with back or neck pain - we also help those suffering from varies different injuries (Sports and Non-sports related).


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Physiotherapy, osteopathy, therapeutic massage

Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy Ltd

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Jonathan Clark Physiotherapy was established in 2014 with the vision to improve healthcare across Hampshire, for everyone of all ages, and all lifestyles. Our ethos is very much about providing an outstanding customer service and delivering excellent treatment outcomes. Jonathan and his team pride themselves in being able to efficiently diagnose any injury walking through the door, fix that injury, and prevent it from coming back in the future. Time and time again, this has allowed our customers to quickly and safely return to living the pain free lifestyles that they love. From the moment you come in, our only goal is to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Cura Healthcare Ltd

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Cura Healthcare is a private Physiotherapy Clinic run by a team of dedicated health professionals and support staff that can offer you a range of healthcare services and treatments. You will be treated using an approach based on current research and best practice. All practitioners are fully qualified and are registered with the relevant professional bodies. They are committed to continually developing their skills and knowledge through ongoing training and research. You will be treated by skilled and experienced practitioners, who care about the quality of treatment you receive and will ensure a thorough service, in order to help you achieve your goals.