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Sports Injury Specialists in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton whether it's Wanderers, Bilston Athletics, Rugby Football club or one of the many other sports clubs in and around Wolverhampton there are lots of people involved in sport at all levels. Sadly this often means that lots of people are injured too however Sports Injury Fix provides a great service to list all of the sports injury clinics and specialists in the Wolverhampton area, Walsall and beyond. These cover sports therapy, gait analysis, physiotherapy, sports massage and many more. 

The website allows you to filter by specific treatment type such as acupuncture or sports injury such as rotator cuff injury allowing you identify the best clinic or sports injury specialist for you. Start your recovery today. 

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Wolverhampton Movement Therapy

Welcome to Wolverhampton Movement Therapy I am a fully qualified Sports therapy practitioner. I offer sports massages, which include Muscle energy techniques, Soft tissue release, these techniques allow reduction of muscles soreness and fatigue, as well as muscle tension. The corrective exercises given help to correct posture, imbalances of muscles, allowing the client to be pain free, Along with the corrective exercise the injured area needs to be strengthened and conditioned to make sure pain is minimized and then does not reoccur. I am also a fully qualified biomechanics coach, this is something i am very proud of, and something that I offer that not many other currently offer. Biomechanics screenings are a series of test which was designed for elite athletes, which checks how your body functions during a movement. This allows me to bring a high level Lastly I am fully qualified in Kiniesiology taping for the athlete, this is currently becoming a important factor of the sports industry, again which is being used by athletes from professional to amateur. I again offer this service to all and provide the same high level of service. Kinesio taping is ideal for support for weak/injured muscles/need to reduce compensatory imbalances/ activate muscles/speed up recovery process/lymphatic drainage.

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Target Sports Injury Clinic

Target Sports Injury Clinic is part of City Osteopaths UK Ltd, a clinic that has been established since 2002 providing high-quality care in the area of pain management. We recognise however that the treatment of sports injuries often requires specialist skills and experience. The development of Target Sports Injuries represents an acknowledgement of our commitment to training and experience in the field of sports injury rehabilitation and prehabilitation. We believe we are different at Target Sports Injuries, as we search that bit deeper to find the cause of your injury rather than simply treating the area of pain. The type of treatment you will receive varies, it will depend on you, your sport and your problem. If you don't currently have an injury we can screen the functional aspects of you body specifically relating to your sport and identify areas which may benefit from preventative measures: or 'prehabilitation'.

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